How to improve your social media lead generation


Create unique content for each specific platform you target.

As tempting as it may be to share your social media posts between the different platforms, don’t do it. You want to give your followers a reason to follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Why would they follow you on all three if they get the same content on each? It does require greater effort; however, the payoff is far higher.

You will also notice that you content will have different effects on each platform, a 140 character tweet may have excellent engagement on Twitter, but it will fall flat on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Be sure to tailor your posts to the platform, for instance use high resolution images for Instagram, long form content for LinkedIn and shareable content for Facebook.

Use more than just links to promote your content.

We have all been guilty of it, throwing a link to a product or service on Twitter before moving onto something else.

When you a post a steady stream of links to your website, your engagement and conversions will take. It will not boost your conversion rate at all. Your followers may find this off putting and give a negative impression on social media. Try and promote your business by providing meaningful and interesting content. It does not need to be directly related to your industry. Share content that will engage and delight, not bore.

Know where your traffic is coming from.

It is helpful to know which links and accounts are getting you the greatest amounts of traffic. This way you can replicate or emulate it. There are a huge amount of resources that can help you monitor your traffic, such as Google’s URL builder, which will help you capture vital data about a specific link. By tracking where your traffic is coming from you will be able to focus more in that area, which will bring down your average advertising spend.

Conversely you may find that you are sinking money into something that is giving you very little traffic If you are not aware of the traffic It is generating.

No matter how good your content, if you’re showing it to the wrong people, you’re going to have a bad time. A butcher posting to #steaknight to #veggi is not going to have a good conversion rate.

Look at you content and look at your audience. Do they match up? You may need to do a bit of hashtag or keyword research before posting. It is important to always change the tone of your posts to fit the account you are posting to. For instance Cheeky and fun for Twitter, professional for LinkedIn.

Leverage existing professional relationships with marketers and influences.

If you have a good working relationship with other marketers and influences already, you can easily ask them to throw you a bone every now and then through a Twitter post or Facebook tag.

If you don’t, it’s time to get some. It never hurts to ask. We have had shout outs from industry leaders after we sent a direct message asking. The result was a big jump in traffic, and more leads in our inbox the next day.


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