Should you outsource your Social Media Management?

We firmly believe that Social media is the most powerful brand-building tool of all, but only if used correctly. In the wrong hands, it can be disastrous.

Social media is no longer an afterthought, or something you delegate to interns or inexperienced staff. Social media marketing can transform your business for a fraction of the cost of other advertising.

Social Media is a vital part of any business strategy and can provide many opportunities for businesses to connect with their consumers within a variety of mediums, and you don’t need to employ expensive social media marketing companies to do it.

It is easy to get lost in the world of Social Media. From Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Snap Chat to Pinterest and Instagram, the list keeps growing.  The biggest concern for business owners is most simply don’t have the time to update and manage each social network.

You will need to decide if you have the time and capacity to create new content daily, respond to inquiries, take advantage of interactions as they happen, and stay up to date on trends as they change daily. It takes most business many hours a month to properly handle a single social media platform.

The question is should you go it alone try manage it yourself? Or should you outsource social media management?

Below we have outlined a few important points to consider when deciding to outsource your social media.



Brand Recognition:

Your business centres around your brand. Who are you? What do you stand for? How is that conveyed?

Social media is one of the best ways to get your brand in front of potential customers.

Building a brand using social media requires 3 main factors. The knowledge or experience in building strong relationships with an audience, targeting the groups most interested in your service and encouraging conversations and interactions with others.

It’s not all about the follower count (we will go into this later) however you want to avoid the risk of spending months on end developing your online presence and investing hard earned money into content creation to find that virtually no one has been exposed to your hard work.

A skilled social media manager will have the experience and resources necessary to develop and maintain your online presence and continued support a healthy social media campaign.

Your social media manager will create a positive and active community for your brand, which in turn creates more loyal customers. You will also notice a significant spike in returning customers, and word of mouth referrals.

Social media management pricing

A common concern for business owners is the cost of hiring a new member of staff to manage social media.

After a bit of research on Glassdoor we found that a full-time social media manager expects to make an (average) salary of $51,613 USD.

A high street social media marketing agency would cost $10,000 to $18,000.

When you have a salary that is 3x more expensive as well as additional costs such as training,  new equipment, employee turnover and payroll taxes we can see how it would be easy to ignore.

Interns or part time employees are a common low-cost option however these staff often require a lot of guidance, training, and hands-on management before they are able to execute your chosen strategy effectively.

When thinking about the cost of hiring an outside entity it is important to think about in terms of the absolute value that they are offering your business.

When you outsource your social media, you are hiring a full team of people with varying levels of experience, backgrounds and strengths. You may be receiving a team of professionals for the same cost as hiring one marketer in-house.

Which would you choose?

Now I hear you yelling at your screen “But we could just employ an intern!” You could employ a fresh graduate to work on social media in-house. A lot of companies do.

However, there is a skill to building a community around a brand, and strong social media talent comes with experience. This is an industry with constantly changing trends, and no one can be expected to understand how it works wot out some sort of training or on the job experience.


Increased Traffic

Many business owners or decision-makers are still unaware of the potential of social media as a traffic generator.

By growing an organic following on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, you can expose yourself to a far wider audience then other method of advertising. You can share articles and other content that will give viewers a reason to click through to your website. You will also have the chance to become a subject matter expert in your industry.

Unfortunately dedicating the time to building an engaged following that boosts web traffic is just not possible for some companies.

A trained social media expert will have the experience and resources available to accomplish these goals in short order.

You will find we can target relevant followers and post the content needed to keep them coming to back to your website again and again.


Social Media Is More Than Numbers

Social media is all about engagement. You want your followers to be liking, commenting and sharing your content. You want to build relationships with your followers or subscribers and earn their trust and loyalty.

While numbers are important, to put you message in front of as many people e as possible, it is also how you get those numbers that is equally important.

Whatever you do Don’t by new followers. There are companies out there that claim you can buy real engaged followers, however this simply is not true.



At the end of the day you will get significantly better results by outsourcing your Social Media marketing, as long as the agency is a good one!

When done right Social Media has been proven to generate almost twice the marketing leads from PPC, telemarketing and trade shows.

Since we have been running Click Honey we have found that most people love to share experiences,  and feel involved in a community.

60% of consumers say when a company uses Social Media, they are more likely to share their products/services.

Click Honey Social Media Management will always endeavour to do the following:

  • Develop a deep understanding of your business and its goals
  • Increase the profit of your business
  • Encouraging potential customers to interact
  • Builds your targeted Social Media platforms
  • Growing your credibility by networking online.

Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing or management will have a huge impact on your business profit.

As a lead generating strategy, you will get double the number of potential customers compared to many common forms of marketing.

If you have any questions or are unsure how to proceed don’t hesitate to call our staff and have a chat!

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