How to generate warm LinkedIn leads for free.

LinkedIn has developed into a major player on the Social Media landscape and is a powerful toll for any business. We have put together a few simple techniques you can use to get the most out of your network.


  1. Watch the “People Also Viewed” section

Have you ever wished you could clone your best customers? Turns out you can! All you need to do is watch the “People Also Viewed” sidebar.

All you need to do is check out the profile of one of your customers or prospects and look to the right. The “People Also Viewed” box shows other users like your contact. Just like that you have turned one prospect into several.


  1. Connect with Prospects in New Roles

Changing jobs is one of the most effective events to look out for. When a person takes on a new role they are often more open to shaking things up with a new product or service purchase.

To determine which of your connections has recently joined a new company, click the “Keep in Touch” button under the “Connections” tab.


  1. Investigate Competitors’ Networks

Selling direct to a customer of a competitor is often easier than sourcing a totally new prospect who has no experience with the type of product you sell. You have the chance to add value, lower price or better the service. No doubt you have formulated some compelling arguments as to why their customers should transition to you.

You can search through most other LinkedIn members followers, that includes those of rival salespeople or businesses. You will find that they are often connected with their prospects and customers, so peruse their networks with your detective hat on and find those clues.




  1. Look at Skill Endorsements

On every social network people tend to attract others like themselves. And sometimes, those others dish out the praise. Just like the “People Also Viewed” technique you can scroll down to a potential customers or prospect’s “Skills” section and check out who’s endorsed them. You will find that similar people have endorsed them, again these may be potential clients.


  1. Use the Alumni Search function

You may already know about LinkedIn’s standard search function. It’s incredibly helpful, people who show up in your search results likely don’t have anything in common with you. It makes it hard to start a conversation.

Enter Alumni Search. It will allow you to connect with people who went to the same school as you. This may give you an edge or an “in” to start a conversation.


  1. Who’s Commented on Your Prospects’ Posts?

Pay attention next time you’re scrolling through your activity feed, be sure not to gloss over the comments underneath your connections’ posts. Many of the people interacting with your prospects and customers will be potential good fits for your product or service.

In addition, their comments are the perfect start point for an InMail or email. Start the conversation by praising their insight or offer a related perspective or ask if they’ve considered a fact.


  1. Look at Users Who Have Interacted with Your Posts

If you have a free LinkedIn account, you can only see a limited number of the users. To see everyone who has visited your profile you will need to create a premium profile. This may be a worthwhile investment, depending on how often you use LinkedIn.

It will give you the chance to make note of who is interested in your industry or niche.

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