How to grow your social media offline

One common question we get from business owners every day “How can I grow my social media following?”

This is a question that has more answers then is helpful.

We think is the question being asked is “How can I grow my social media following for free?”

To help you build your own social accounts we have laid out few strategies you can use, that will work alongside your current marketing strategies and are low cost or free.

Include visible follow buttons on your website.

This one may seem a little obvious, but it’s a mistake I see often – social media follow and share buttons are an effortless way to grow your social media presence.

On my website, they’re placed in the upper right-hand corner, as well as on the right side of my blog, all easily accessible and visible.

Make sure these buttons are clearly defined and different from your share buttons. has great free tools to help you get your social links on your site.

You can be more discreet by keeping the follow buttons in the footer of your site.


Events are a gold mine!

To grow your social media presence at events include hashtags on signage and printed materials. Use social media icons too and include “@yourhandle” or “yourhandle” so everyone knows who to search for!

There are many places to promote your hashtags and social media presence at events. Get creative and have fun with this! Hand out stickers, coasters, tattoos whatever you can.

Brick and mortar locations

If you have a storefront your windows are your best advertising asset. How many people pass your store each day?

People must come through your door to get in and out of your establishment, why not let those who are near your store on a regular basis know how they can find you online? A simple printed sign will do in most cases, and not cost an arm and leg.

Brand original content

You can include your hashtag, handle and website on your online images – just remember to keep them transparent and out of the way so they don’t interrupt your photo.

Do you have sign written cars for business use? Posters downtown? Menus?

These are all places you can add your social media handles to build awareness.

On and offline ads

If you’re a publication or magazine, use a page to let your subscribers know that you’re online. They’re already reading your content, so these people are more likely to seek you out online.

Many brands are also taking to television ads to ask their audience to engage with them online. We don’t all have TV budgets, but luckily you can run ads online and within the networks your brand is active on to grow your social media presence.

You can run a Like campaign on Facebook or a Twitter ad for relatively low amount of money.

Email and Mail

Got a newsletter that gets sent out in the mail?

Slip a card with all your social media channel links, give each the best opportunity to connect with you online.

You can let them know about any promotional hashtags you’re using, or you could provide a social media discount – let them know on the card that there will be a social media discount on your page until next week.

If you have an email list or newsletter, send an email letting your lists know where to find you online.


Experiential or “guerrilla” marketing

If your company is already involved in using experiential events or campaigns, integrate social media.

Social media can support the campaign – you can use it to create a contest or promotion to increase the digital footprint of the campaign, or to use social media itself to surprise and delight them further than your stunt.


These are just a few ways you could be missing out on to boost both reach and awareness for your social channels.

Be careful to not be overly obnoxious in the way that you brand plasters hashtags on things, but also be conscious of every opportunity you must let people know how to find you or join the conversation.

Traditional media has worked in the past, and it still works now. Get the best of both worlds and show your audience that your tech-savvy too.

This is a wonderful way to increase your organic growth with fans that are much more likely to engage with and share your content because they’re already interested. The rest is up to you and your content.

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